Fondation d’Entreprises pour la Thérapie Génique en Pays de la Loire

The foundation sets out to promote research into new treatments, based on gene therapy, for rare diseases. It offers a flexible and immediate source of funding that can help « capture » researchers effectively in a highly competitive international context.


  Sabots du coeur        

« Les Sabots du Cœur » association

A horse called Peyo and his owner Hassen are providing support to patients under the control of a scientific study.

The missions of the association is to provide serenity and comfort, to support and give relief to people at the end of life until their last breath. It is also to support needy families and contribute to the funeral expenses of patients without family.




Young Firemen of Montaigu - Sponsor company of the young firemen association of Montaigu

The Young Firemen (JSP in French) embody a crucial human stake, because they are the next shift of the Voluntary Firemen. They constitute a reliable and a quality recruitment ground as they achieved a training course of three or four years.