Puy du Fou partnership

Laiterie de Montaigu and Puy du Fou combine their common values of excellence, tradition and passion around a gourmet journey offering pleasure and emotion to visitors.


Partenaire du Puy du Fou


A visit to Puy du Fou promises exciting experiences families will never forget. People flock to Puy du Fou from all over the world to experience its universal values and emotions, which touch the hearts of visitors of all ages.


With their fast-paced action and spectacular special effects, the shows are designed to be like live movies. Emotional impact is always central to the Puy du Fou concept. Visitors must be drawn in to the poetry of a text, the beauty of a gesture, the purity of a piece of music, and so on. Puy du Fou’s creativity, originality and excellence have been recognised by professionals and specialists in the field from around the world. Since 2012, Puy du Fou has regularly won the most prestigious international awards for theme parks and shows.