Infant nutrition


A fast-growing market with its own strict requirements.

The global market for infant formula milk is a buoyant sector regularly reporting double-digit growth: +10% annually since 2008. Although this is a market with a strong future over the long term, it is nonetheless reserved for those companies that have the expertise to meet the highly demanding standards it imposes: demand is increasingly shifting towards products of higher quality and increasing complexity to cater for child pathologies (intolerances, allergies, malabsorption, etc.).

Expertise at this level demands complex knowhow and a certain flexibility.  In infant nutrition, there can be no room for approximation.

Knowhow and control of industrial processes.

Thanks to in-depth knowledge of its markets and many years of experience, Laiterie de Montaigu is in a position to produce a wide variety of formulations tailored to the required nutritional objectives and to the specific characteristics of the countries in which the products will be marketed.

In its constant pursuit of innovation and infant wellbeing, the company devotes considerable resources to upstream research, working with experts such as paediatricians, academics and researchers to create new formulas that will come even closer to breast milk.


This is why Laiterie de Montaigu has chosen to develop a scientific and predictive approach to the manufacture of its products, in terms of nutrition, technology, quality, etc.