Since the 1990s, Laiterie de Montaigu has pursued an intensive R&D policy, in conjunction with leading research and technical centres. As a result, the company has acquired a body of expertise from which to design and produce powdered infant milk formula, in complex formulations, according to the strictest regulatory and health standards.  

Technological Process

Laiterie de Montaigu partners leading process equipment providers by carrying out industrial pilot testing as part of its contribution to technological innovation.

Made in France

French dairy products enjoy a reputation with international customers for quality and high standards. Laiterie de Montaigu exports its products all over the world, with a presence in ten or more countries and as many potential targets. The company has made a name for itself everywhere from Asia to Latin America, and its fame continues to grow. Global population growth and the emergence of new demand from fast-growing consumer countries with no previous tradition of dairy product consumption (China, Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, the Middle East, etc.) are contributing to the booming global market for infant milk formula.  

Quality Commitment

Laiterie de Montaigu deploys quality management across every level of the production process right through to shipment of the finished products. Laiterie de Montaigu guarantees the quality of its products through rigorous selection of its raw materials suppliers to ensure the highest levels of quality and innovation.

The skimmed milk used by Laiterie de Montaigu is sourced exclusively from the Charentes-Poitou PDO (protected designation of origin) collection area, guaranteeing quality in terms of both microbiology and the protein content of the milk.

Quality and traceability policy

The company bases its quality policy on the principles of food safety as laid down in ISO 22000: 2005, Food Safety Management Systems.

Laiterie de Montaigu also relies on an integrated management information system (ERP) that ensures upstream and downstream traceability of all materials used and/or produced.

Quality Control

Each batch of finished products undergoes over 300 checks and inspections conducted from the moment raw materials enter the plant all the way through to the shipment of finished products.
Quality control is carried out in part on the production line and entirely by our own in-house laboratory. On request, Laiterie de Montaigu also works with accredited laboratories for specific analyses that the laboratory is unable to perform.

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