Collaboration with INRA

In conjunction with INRA (France's national institute for agronomic research), Laiterie de Montaigu has developed a software system, SD²P (APP filing number: IDDN.FR.001.480002.000.R.P.2005.000.30100) to model spray-drying parameters for a solution, taking into account interactions between the water and the constituent of the formula.

Research Programme

Having devoted the past 15 years to developing considerable resources for managing the critical operation of spray-drying solutions, Laiterie de Montaigu has now embarked on a new research programme aimed at managing nutritional quality. The purpose of the programme, which encompasses a number of different fields and partners (ingredients, technologies, nutritionists, etc.), is to manage and measure the nutritional quality of manufactured foods with the aim of maximising nutrient quality through a scientific understanding of the technologies used in food production. This programme is yet another striking illustration of the company's determined pursuit of ever greater food quality.